Niyeti Chaddha Kannal

Consciously or sub-consciously binaries make way in Niyeti Chadha work. She prefers to carve out the space in black and white. The mathematical and the organic co-habitate as a dialogue and are built up using recognizable imagery and a vocabulary of formal elements.The drawings exhibited in In You is the Illusion of Each Day, curated by Maya Kovskaya and exhibited at Latitude 28, belong to a series of object studies executed on paper in pen and acrylic.The object here is a physical body that has a mass. It may or may not necessarily have a defined material purpose in its current state of existence.The images borrowed from our surrounding such as a flowing gossamer fabric, a crumpled piece of paper or a grounded stack of bricks form the point of departure. The physical space chosen is disassembled into formal elements. The characteristics of the space are identified and the elements are then engaged in reconstructing a new structure redefined by the artists perception.