Rajesh Ram

Born in Jharkhand in 1978, Rajesh Ram did BFA from College of Art and Crafts, Patna in 2002. Rajesh Ram’s art can be viewed from the angle of the pain in responding to something that is beautiful, grounded in harsh reality and which addresses its viewer. It reaches beyond the confines of the canvas and also the impersonal to wrench an engagement. Ram’s work reminds us that words are not merely modes and tools of communication; rather they contain within them the histories of societies and the construction, projection and reading of identitiesOne of the main characteristic of Rajesh’s work is the representation of everyday life, often using non-professional actors mostly the common characters from society with a realistic depiction. Rajesh is not one to cloak the world in despair, he points gently, beautifully, imaginatively towards situations. Rajesh’s art is heroic, true, but it does not valorize his subjects’ suffering, which can have disturbing ideological undertones. What it does is show reality in all its honesty, despair but also beauty and gives us the simple path towards betterment.The artist lives and works in New Delhi.